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Ask him anything! Just remember – the truth hurts!

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Are you generally confused? No clue what you are doing with your life? Constantly f**king things up? It is likely you are in need of Hank’s psychic guidance.


Ask Hank anything! Just remember – the truth hurts!

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All questions may or may not be published at Hank’s discretion.

Also – please see Hank’s Non-Responsibility Disclaimer.

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that Hank does not answer questions he doesn’t like or finds insignificant. Although Hank will give readings to people he doesn’t like, the people receiving them might not like them. As a general rule, Hank tends to give better psychic fortunes after payment has been received. Please be further advised that Hank is not responsible for anything. Particularly with regards to anything he says or does or how those actions are interpreted. Or anything.